About Us



Hudson Global Investment Inc. is a leader in providing solutions, including international projet funds and management, underground resources and other resources.


Hudson Global Investment Inc. help international clients develop including civil and housing, power and industrial plants and large scale projects.


Hudson Global Investment Inc. trade specialized resources, such as crude oils, oil products, steam coals, coking coals, Nickel and iron ore. 


Hudson Global Investment Inc. make joint venture with iron ore  and nickel mine in variety countries, supply to Asia and  other countries.


Hudson Global Investment Inc. work with partner company who has Philippinese and Indonesian Manganese mine, supply to other countries.


Hudson Global Investment Inc. are trading all kind of agricultural products to oriental country. we have long term relationships with our valued client contribute to our stable and well-capitalized growth. we have been devoted to achieving this win-win combination for our client and it's the goal we aim for in every transaction.